Understand what motivates your customer to gain competitive advantage.

Strengthen your market position and increase revenue by leveraging the right data.

Business Brand Sentiment & Perception Analysis

Every business has customers. Whether you have a product on the shelf or provide services to a highly technical clientele, there is a distinct audience your business targets. Understanding what motivates your customers to buy your product or service is a competitive advantage.

Benchmarked against direct competitors, voice-of-the-customer analytics can provide actionable data-driven business intelligence to identify new revenue opportunities and flag potential risks. Relevant across multiple departments for B2C, B2B, and B2G, Metric Centric analyses can inform senior leadership if a market is shifting; guide product development groups on how to meet user needs; or advise marketing departments on how to adjust channel strategies.

Metric Centric analysts use business and competitive intelligence tools to find the relevant insights, distilled from billions of online conversations and provide measured, actionable knowledge about the voice of your customer.

We identify opportunities to elevate and protect your brand. Beyond the balance sheet your company can harness the power of what your customers are saying into added value for your bottom line.

Case Studies

It’s always great to work with a trusted-partner who does whatever it takes to get the job done right. Metric Centric gets it!

Eric Schlett, SVP & Executive Director at Clarion Media

Metric Centric was engaged by an industrial chemical company to help them understand how their products connect to high end electronics and telecommunications industry needs. The business specifically needed to determine how to position certain industrial chemicals across marketplaces compared to direct competitors to address loss of brand recognition and marketplace presence. They identified a desire to leapfrog competitors in the market.

metric centric solution

Three tailored eListening programs were created by Metric Centric analysts for the automotive, consumer electronics, and oil and gas market sectors. Each program provided date-specific, brand benchmarking within each sector compared to director competitors. After analyzing thousands of results with Metric Centric’s proprietary approach and intelligence tools, our analysts gathered additional primary or related alternative data to uncover audience and market insights to better understand how and where to reach end users throughout their consideration and buying journey.


Through the analysis process across the industrial chemical market sectors, Metric Centric confirmed where competitive mentions were gaining share-of-voice volume for direct competitors. These relevant brand insights allowed for better marketplace positioning, including identifying competitive placements at trade shows and an increased understanding of end users overall needs. The analysts provided specific strategic content recommendations and tactical executions to engage end users at their moment of interest based on their specific needs, creating a clear buyer journey approach. Continued monitoring enables the business to remain ahead of market shifts and to make informed marketing decisions grounded in quantifiable data. The program has now expanded to additional product areas as the positive impact of Metric Centric’s eListening analysis has been proven as a go-to-market strategy.

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