Embolden newly acquired assets to maximize opportunities beyond the balance sheet.

Identify revenue, risks, and market advantages without extending your timeline or exposure.

Market & Private Equity Due Diligence Consulting

Year one business strategy shifts are designed to change the future trajectory of private equity portfolio investments. Actionable business intelligence, grounded in data, is essential to identifying new revenue opportunities in the marketplace and flagging potential risks on the horizon.

The voice-of-the-customer is a leading indicator of financial performance.

Looking beyond the balance sheet? Credible alternative data analysis creates a competitive advantage for firms that value analyzing consumer attention. Metric Centric analysts calibrate a custom report for your interests from potential investments through commercial and private equity due diligence consulting to each portfolio holding as it moves through year one or other key evaluation periods.

Knowing why customers buy in the context of:

  • Understanding sentiment and perception towards a business and its competitors
  • Identifying recurring revenue opportunities or if pricing power exists
  • Market mapping and sourcing
  • Offering indicators for optimal timing to monetize on a portfolio company

Learn more about how our CV Snapshots serve the private equity community – or reach out to us and one of our analysts will contact you to explain.

Case Studies

Metric Centric is a trusted-partner that provides intelligent insights on consumer sentiment and marketplace perception.

Doug Grissom, Managing Partner @ Madison Dearborn Partners

A U.S.-based private equity group acquired a luxury bottled water brand with global recognition. The investment team sought private equity due diligence consulting to understand the marketplace perception of the brand given the highly cluttered competitive landscape. Segmentation of the bottled water market has created classifications of water placing the newly held company in the high end “artisanal” water subsector. Benchmarking customer perception and sentiment by brand and direct competitors was essential.

metric centric solution

Metric Centric analysts worked with the private equity firm to develop a Consumer Voice (CV) Snapshot program that  would listen to the marketplace topically and identify sentiment and perception insights. This knowledge was then applied to understanding the data trends that emerged from the process and to see how the portfolio company and competitors were viewed.


The Metric Centric analyst team detected a significant negative shift in the market’s perception of the luxury bottled water brand. The analysts were able to directly link the decline in positive perception with the distribution of videos across the web focused on a bogus statement on the brand’s alkalinity. Company leadership was completely unaware of the issue or its impact on their customer’s perception of the brand. The PE firm, brand leadership, marketing, and customer service were able to proactively respond and monitor the issue moving forward.

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