Our Approach

Metric Centric identifies all customer touch-points and engagement performance standards. We benchmark the competition, review customer feedback, and analyze perception and sentiment effectiveness from voice-of-the-customer commentary.

No single tool or database contains the all of the information required to develop a full view of a company’s brand reputation. Our analysts gather knowledge from multiple datasets, tools, and other analytical resources. Metric Centric’s analysts understand how to leverage the right data tools to create insightful, meaningful benchmarks. Real people, not algorithms develop the actionable market intelligence recommendations we provide with each report.

Our clients determine if their due diligence efforts require a substantive, but focused view of the business— Metric Centric’s Audience Impact Score Report— or a broader, deeper understanding— Metric Centric’s Marketplace Assessment Report.

Each study details the information behind the executive summary findings, lists key influencers for the portfolio company, and provides Tactical Improvement Programs (TIPs) — specific recommendations for how to increase the portfolio company’s performance and drive sustained growth.


The Benefits

Metric Centric helps your organization focus on the customer experience — a critical factor to be competitive in today’s marketplace. It also:

  • Spotlights brand perception & sentiment problems
  • Sharpens your strategy as you conduct due diligence
  • Helps identify potential acquisitions with untapped value
  • Generates actionable insights & tactical recommendations for competitive advantage
  • Provides feedback on the effectiveness of executed strategies
  • Identifies key influencers that can help better position your portfolio company
  • Provides indicators of optimal timing to monetize on the portfolio company
  • Delivers a measurable view of the profile of an ideal customer
  • Guides you to improve brand & product messages to customers

What You Get


Executive Report detailing key findings, background data summary, conclusions, and recommendations for how to increase your portfolio company performance and maximize value.


Personal Review with a senior analyst, who was part of your research team, to walk through the Executive Report and identify with you how to turn the report findings into actionable business intelligence.