San Antonio Board of Realtors (SABOR)

Case Study
11-04-2019 Lara Kline

National creative agency leverages topical and geographic data to identify new market opportunities for real estate board in South Texas.


A national creative agency sought to gain a stronger understanding of the San Antonio Board of Realtors (SABOR) footing in the greater South Texas market. Charged with exploring how to support the professional organization’s efforts to engage more local realtors, more effectively the agency sought a data-driven understanding of how customer sentiment and perception varied around SABOR, its current offerings, and potential ideas for future resources or programming.


Metric Centric analysts worked with the agency to identify keywords and phrases to benchmark their findings in an Audience Impact Score Report (AIS) geotargeted to the greater San Antonio, Texas area. This single snapshot of SABOR’s marketplace position captured a combined view of market sentiment and perception towards the association and its offerings over the designated period of time. Entirely data-driven, the report provided quantitative context to the audience demographics, brand presence, and competitive analysis. Enhancing the propriety calculations, analysts leveraged real estate-industry knowledge, as well as marketplace variable expertise in developing qualitative observations.


Within a matter of weeks, Metric Centric delivered a completed report, including the supporting data sets, to the agency on SABOR. The analyst team briefed company leadership on the confidential findings, highlighting clear marketplace opportunities identified during the research process and recommending specific tactical improvement points (TIPs) for the agency to consider in developing its recommendations for SABOR.  Because the data was geographically focused, the report also included specific regional competitors and influencers that are relevant to SABOR.

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