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Metric Centric team members are available, upon request, to speak with media about the product and service offerings the company provides to a range of private equity clients, as well as the untapped value of perception and sentiment data in the due diligence process. We do not disclose the proprietary research and recommendations completed for our clients.

At the heart of Metric Centric’s advisory practice is the drive to help private equity firms understand the tremendous value the voice-of-the-customer has in evaluating the market position of a B2B, B2C, or B2G company. PE firms can tap readily available business intelligence to improve or evaluate the performance of companies in their portfolio, being considered for investment, or reviewed for sale.

Company Founder and Principal Manager George Assimakopoulos is a serial entrepreneur and content marketing expert with over twenty years experience at the intersection of technology, private investment, and marketing. He is actively engaged in the business and can provide a unique perspective on the private equity due diligence process and the role of predictive analytics in investment and marketing. His latest thought leadership articles are available here.

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All inquiries should be directed to Lara Kline at press@metric-centric.com. For deadline sensitive requests, you can reach her directly at 240-752-7161.

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