Audience Monitoring Program (AMP)

Markets shift and opinions changes. This is certain. How organizations stay apprised of changes in their own customers’ sentiment and perception can set them apart. Businesses can increase actionable business intelligence every month without straining internal resources. Metric Centric’s Audience Monitoring Program (AMP) provides measurable, trackable insights that are tailored to meet customers’ precise needs.

The Audience Monitoring Program (AMP) leverages the depth of Metric Centric’s most robust analysis offerings, including the Audience Impact Score (AIS) and Custom Marketplace Assessment (CMA) to create a comprehensive benchmark for the brand or topics that matter most to any organization.

This knowledge benchmarked against hand-selected competitors then guides a 10-month monitoring program that provides Metric Centric customers with monthly Consumer Voice (CV) Snapshots that succinctly outlines customer sentiment and perception over the past 30-days and includes key, actionable insights.

All findings are delivered in a customized dashboard solution that enables Metric Centric customers to have an at-a-glance understanding of the latest insights on their target audience(s) with the ability to dive deeper in the supporting data at any time.

New revenue opportunities, increased responsiveness to customer needs or concerns, more informed forecasting of potential market shifts are all ways organizations deploy the AMP program as a monitoring and evaluation tool.

Through the implementation of a Metric Centric AMP, businesses, nonprofits, agencies (private and public) can evaluate Brand Positioning, Competitive Benchmarking, Sentiment Monitoring, Seasonal/Periodic Trending, Unexpected Market or Customer Anomalies, and Unforeseen Blind Spots.

Audience Perception & Sentiment Report

Each Audience Monitoring Program includes:

  • Options to choose between a brand or topic format
  • Insights benchmarked directly to competitors of your choosing.
  • Details outlining the tone, frequency, reach, and relevancy of opinions and commentary about your company or relevant topic(s).
  • Identification of specific channels and influencers most relevant to your industry and/or audience.
  • Benchmarks and monitoring for changes in customer sentiment and perception monthly
  • Forecasts for new opportunities or risks based on real customer data.
  • Personalized AMP dashboard with customer specific data selections


Want to learn how the Audience Monitoring Program (AMP) can enable your business to better understand the marketplace? Contact us today and one of our analysts will respond to discuss your needs.

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