Agencies & Media Groups

Do you need hard data analytics or do you need fresh marketing strategies? (Don’t worry, we do both.)

Measurement is the hallmark of a well-executed campaign while knowledgeable, innovative thinking is the most desired trait in a trusted partner. As an agency, you aspire to provide both to clients.

Metric Centric is designed to be a strategic partner for agencies seeking a competitive edge for themselves and their clients. Uniquely nimble and action-oriented from data-driven insights, our team of analysts work seamlessly with agency teams to calibrate analysis and reports to fit into their workflow. By integrating customer sentiment, experience and perception data from business development to campaign evaluation, we provide business intelligence to grow your client portfolio and deliver quantifiable impacts to your current clients. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.

Benchmarking against direct competitors is essential to understanding a client’s position in the marketplace. And while single third-party data tools offer a limited view of the vast online conversations happening daily to measure customer sentiment and brand perception, we think you and your clients deserve a little bit more. Through Metric Centric’s proprietary customer experience analysis, you gain a tailored assessment that factors in multiple datasets, specifically selected to meet your needs.

Select agencies and media groups have partnered with Metric Centric to create branded offerings and to develop custom analysis programs for their clients. Now’s a great time for you to join the party.

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