Topic-Focused CV Snapshot:
Multi-Family Rental Housing Development

The Challenge

Fannie Mae – the leading source of mortgage financing in the United States to provide liquidity, stability and affordability to the mortgage market – and their agency RedPeg Marketing wanted to better understand the professional audience’s sentiment and perceptions towards the topic category of multi-family rental housing. The goal was to uncover pain/confusion points and if the target audience had specific likes and dislikes toward multi-family rental housing issues.

Our Solution

Metric Centric proposed a topic-focused CV Snapshot program which would analyze conversational data gathered across open web channels towards the topic of multi-family rental housing development and uncover sentiment and perception variances. The analysis would help guide other research efforts (e.g.  surveys & focus groups) and enable brand messaging, channel strategies, and ongoing content targeting and marketing efforts.

The Results

Our analysis revealed several subtopic areas related to multi-family rental housing which investors and developers were actively interested in, along with a few topics which they had disdain towards. The analysis also identified how social equity plays a vital role in most audience conversations about housing development. With the insights gained from the CV Snapshot, Fannie Mae and RedPeg were able to select content areas that would best resonate with target audiences and reinforce their partnership with investors and developers.

“Metric Centric works as our trusted-partner to provide first-rate marketplace analytics and exceptional insights.”

Brad Nierenberg
CEO, RedPeg Marketing