Sentiment & Perception Analysis Study:
Roots Canada

The Challenge

The ROOTS Clothing Company was respected as one of the best outdoor apparel providers. Often compared to Patagonia, North Face, and REI, ROOTS’ iconic brand presence has diminished since 2015, and its weakened market positioning became amplified during the COVID-19 pandemic. ROOTS needed to re-engineering its North American footprint and wanted to understand the marketplace presence across specific product line categories.

Our Solution

By analyzing the overall brand presence of ROOTS vs. direct competitors, and then breaking down their marketplace presence by each of their target product line segments, we were able to fully understand the sentiment and perceptions toward the business. Our analysis revealed several opinions regarding consumer pain points with certain products, and opportunities to leapfrog their brand presence by leveraging marketplace influencers.

The Results

Our examination of consumer conversational data provided key consumer insights and data points on sentiment and perceptions to suggest several ways that the clothier could improve its existing marketplace presence. Through our analysis, ROOTS identified several channels where influencer marketing programs could reverberate and reestablish the brand’s iconic nature.