CV Snapshot:
The Carlyle Group | HINT Water

The Challenge

The Carlyle Group was debating a sizable investment in the flavored-water industry. However, this sector is saturated with many beverage alternatives, as well as competing brands. Carlyle wanted to understand the marketplace position of HINT Water versus competing brands and alternative beverages.

Our Solution

A Consumer Voice (CV) Snapshot program was developed and delivered within a few days to understand the consumer sentiment toward the HINT brand and various flavored-water options. All data insights were then benchmarked against six competing brands and products to produce reputation, satisfaction and consumer loyalty scorecards.

The Results

Our analysis revealed marketplace sentiment toward HINT’s taste, pricing, ingredients and company leadership. With this data in hand, The Carlyle Group was able to understand key differentiators about HINT Water based on the direct opinions of consumers and end-users. These insights assisted Carlyle with their market mapping to conclude that HINT Water had a unique presence in the marketplace and opportunities for further growth.