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You see chatter; we see data.


We will help you understand your organization’s why. From membership to fundraising, enrollment to grassroot engagement, nonprofit to higher education: Know why people choose your organization, what they value and what they want from you.

Conversations are happening across the web about the sectors, topics and professional needs that impact your work and shape your presence in the marketplace. It isn’t just talk. It’s actionable business intelligence that can be measured to benchmark program performance, evaluate message penetration, refine educational offerings or even flag market risks.

Wanna see how you stack up to the competition? No problem. Our programs can compare your organization against direct competitors to ensure your resources are best aligned to increase market penetration and audience reach. Metric Centric analysts tailor the customer sentiment and perception analysis to meet your specific needs and priorities.

By recalibrating your thinking with conversational data, your organization will be ready to tackle future survey work, allocate financial and staff resources, and drive behavioral change with your audiences.


As outlined by the Office of Management and Budget, federal government agencies must now perform an annual review of how programs with citizen-facing services are meeting the core functions of the “customer experience (CX) program maturity model.”

According to OMB, these self-assessments should include details on how the agencies — and specific programs — are meeting these metrics, along with a plan to remedy any shortcomings. And that’s where we come in.

Using business and competitive intelligence tools, Metric Centric analysts capture relevant insights distilled from across the web to provide measured, actionable data about your programs. We provide an initial baseline of knowledge toward your organization’s CX. We even enable your agency to benchmark existing programs and services against success metrics calculated from public perception. In short, we work for you, so that you can get back to working for the people.

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