Conversational Data Analytics

We don’t just find out what your audience is saying. We find out where, when, why and how they’re saying it. Yeah, we’re basically ninjas.

Social Listening Analysts

Every day, consumers leave millions of breadcrumbs scattered across the web detailing their personal experiences, opinions and perspectives on every topic imaginable. This “conversational data,” or voice-of-the-consumer (VoC), acumen is vast, exponentially expanding and often overlooked. When used right, conversational analytics insights are applicable across B2B, B2C and B2G organizations, enabling your business to anticipate marketplace opportunities, manage risks and even benchmark directly against your competition.

Our team is equipped with the latest social listening and artificial intelligence (AI) sentiment-monitoring tools to follow those scattered breadcrumbs and lead your business out of the woods. Our data analysts are marketplace research specialists with decades of industry expertise, and our data engineering team can create an array of monitoring and reporting mechanisms so that you know to avoid that sketchy gingerbread house on the right. (Yeah, yeah, we’ve probably extended this particular metaphor far enough.)

Bottom line: Whether you’re looking for simple snapshot reports, advanced scorecards or comprehensive marketplace studies, we develop clear and concise summaries so that you can easily understand —and trust — the wealth of conversational data available to you.

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