Brand Presence Scorecard (BPS)

We’ve got your number — and your competitors’ too!

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Sometimes you just want the facts, but you may lack the tools, analysts and time to do research. That’s where our Brand Presence Scorecard (BPS) can help. The BPS was developed to provide a concise summary of social intelligence marketplace data points in a fast, affordable and reliable manner.

We engineered the BPS to quantitatively compare a single brand against three or four competitors. The benchmarking metrics occur across five distinct key performance indicators:

  • Volume of Mentions
  • Reach Amplification
  • Positive Sentiment
  • Negative Sentiment
  • Overall Reputation Score (ORS)

The data analyzed for a BPS is purely conversational data collected across the open web from sources including blogs, forums, news sites, review sites, social media and other general destinations.

The typical data lookback period for a BPS can range from three (3) to six (6) months — and the data collection can be geotargeted to any state, country or international region.

Some of our clients leverage the BPS as an internal tool to conduct a temperature check on their brands or as a sales tool to persuade their clients to embark on specific program initiatives. The BPS has also been used by political candidates and advocacy groups that want to benchmark themselves — or their activism — against other candidates and causes.

In all cases, the goal of the BPS is to provide valuable marketplace information in a dependable and affordable way.

We engineered our BPS to be delivered in a few days at a very low cost. Best of all, if a client later decides that they need to drill down deeper into the data to uncover how and why the results occurred, we can provide a more detailed analysis program (e.g., the Brand Sentiment & Perception Analysis study) based on the data summarized in the BPS. All associated costs spent to produce the BPS would then be applied towards any follow-up analysis program and ongoing support.

So the BPS is a low-risk, win-win option for any business or organization that seeks to better understand their competitive presence in the marketplace(s) it serves.


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