Social Intelligence Scorecards (SIS)

F.A.R.* and away your best option
*Fast. Affordable. Reliable.

The Social Intelligence Scorecard is our answer to all those social-listening skeptics out there. (We see you. No hard feelings.) With a very affordable fixed cost and a lightning-fast one-week turnaround, the SIS is the perfect way to dip your toe into the vast ocean of data-driven possibilities — without drowning in useless information.

In other words, it’s all the signal and none of the noise.

With this program, Metric Centric allows you to gauge audience interest and sentiment toward your brand, topic or event compared to up to four competitors across five distinct KPIs:

  • Volume of Mentions
  • Reach Amplification
  • Positive Sentiment
  • Negative Sentiment
  • Overall Reputation Score (ORS)

We leverage multiple analytic tools to aggregate data across a broad range of open web sources. This lets us more accurately analyze audience perception, sentiment and reputation trends. And these conversational data analytics tend to be purer, unfiltered results compared to surveys or polls.

So whether you’re looking for a place to begin your research efforts or conformation of the data you’ve already collected, the SIS is the perfect complement to analyze up to 12 months of sentiment and presence data online, ensuring that the information you receive is fast and relevant to your brand right now.

We offer three distinct SIS programs:

Decide which one is right for your business today.

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