Brand Sentiment & Perceptions Analysis Study: Pitzer College

The Challenge

Pitzer College, a member of the Claremont College Consortium, needed to re-engineer several marketing programs to establish itself as a premier liberal arts college in the Los Angeles area. Pitzer had the unique challenge of a shrinking pool of candidate students who were being enticed by larger campus schools such as UCLA and USC, as well as other Claremont schools. Pitzer needed to track and improve its overall brand health while uncovering key competitive insights that would help gain marketplace presence.

Our Solution

By analyzing online conversational data towards the Pitzer College brand, we were able to fully understand the audience sentiment of the college versus seven other direct competing institutions. We were able to break down marketplace perceptions across topic areas including academics, alumni relations and overall learning experience. Our analysis revealed several advantages for Pitzer College along with certain pain points that were shared by students, alumni and faculty.

The Results

Our Brand Sentiment & Perception Analysis study provided key audience perception insights with supporting data points as to where Pitzer College needed better messaging and communications. The analysis also suggested several ways for Pitzer to improve its audience reach by targeting specific online channels where marketing programs would reverberate and leapfrog their marketplace presence. Conclusions from our study were then shared with the Pitzer College cabinet members and the Board of Trustees.