Brand Sentiment & Perception Analysis: DISH Network | RedPeg

The Challenge

RedPeg, a leading creative marketing agency, was developing a national campaign with regional geo-targeting for a top-tier satellite-TV service provider. The agency needed to recommend a marketing mix that was tailored to specific rural, suburban and urban markets and create a process that would allow a quick “one number” evaluation tool for efforts in each market.

Our Solution

By leveraging Brand Sentiment and Perception Analysis data, Metric Centric analysts developed a custom weighted audience impact scorecard report that would provide benchmark numbers for each market prior to campaigns and provide ongoing tracking and evaluation of performance.

The Results

Clear sentiment and perception baseline numbers were established in markets across the country. These metrics were then monitored every 60 days to track for fluctuations in those regions based on specific marketing efforts and to evaluate competitor activity as well. By relying on Metric Centric to track and analyze marketplace performance, RedPeg was able to focus its attention on developing more creative ideas to separate the satellite-TV service provider client from the competition.

“Metric Centric works as our trusted-partner to provide first-rate marketplace analytics and exceptional insights.”

Brad Nierenberg
CEO, RedPeg Marketing