Consumer Voice (CV) Snapshot:
MOPAR Auto Parts

The Challenge

MOPAR Auto-Parts wanted to measure their reputation across auto mechanics and design engineers. They also wanted to learn where these audiences went to become educated about their products and which content they absorbed most. The goal was to understand if their target audiences respected the MOPAR brand and if they were likely to recommend it to their customers. However, MOPAR also wanted to evaluate that sentiment towards the two subtopic lenses of maintenance & repairs and powertrains auto parts.

Our Solution

A Consumer Voice (CV) Snapshot program was developed to understand the overall auto repair professional’s sentiment and perceptions towards MOPAR Auto Parts. By collecting and analyzing conversational data gathered across to open web, our analyst team could identify if (and why) auto repair professionals had specific likes or dislikes towards MOPAR. Furthermore, the data would uncover pain points and if confusion exists across auto repair professionals towards MOPAR auto parts in general. This examination would also help to identify which web channels and influencers impacted the MOPAR brand most.

The Results

The CV Snapshot revealed specific content areas which would most resonate with trusted auto mechanic experts. The study also identified target audience’s confusion with warranty coverage and product performance upgrades. Our analysts were able to explain which web destinations were most visited by auto mechanics to become informed, and what visual content would be most compelling to them. Recommendations were made on how to leverage influencers identified in the study as well as dealers, technicians and wholesalers.

With these insights, MOPAR’s advertising agency was able to draft a content marketing plan which would position MOPAR knowledge experts across niche online communities and major web forums. Ultimately, the goal would be to develop a stronger brand presence to mechanics, design engineers, and general auto enthusiasts alike.