Consumer Voice (CV) Snapshot:
Chemours Teflon™

The Challenge

Teflon™ an industrial coating developed by The Chemours Chemical Company wanted to better understand user perception toward specific usage of its coatings. Specifically, the Teflon™ team wanted to learn what applications were in use by target B2B audiences across automotive, semiconductor and medical devices industries.

Our Solution

We developed a Consumer Voice (CV) Snapshot program that was structured to collect dialog about Teflon™ coating applications in online conversations by end-users gathered from engineering, manufacturing and industrial websites, blogs and forums.

The Results

Our analysis helped the Teflon™ Industrials R&D team uncover specific concerns toward certain applications based on feedback provided by engineers and practitioners. Using our findings, the Teflon™ Coatings’ marketing team identified key messaging points to highlight in upcoming media and communications initiatives.