Topic Focused Scorecard (TFS)

We don’t read minds. Honest.

Sometimes you simply need to know what your client is thinking. What do they want? What’s bothering them? Where do they go for answers?

Let Metric Centric find out for you.

Before you invest in developing any survey or hosting a focus group, make social intelligence a core component of your initial and ongoing marketplace research. Our topic-focused scorecard was developed to provide a concise summary of voice of the consumer (VoC) marketplace feedback on topics and issues, in a fast, affordable and reliable manner.

We engineered this scorecard to quantitatively measure marketplace interest towards any topic you (or your audience) can imagine, using four (4) distinct key performance indicator metrics:

  • Volume of Mentions
  • Reach Amplification
  • Positive Sentiment
  • Negative Sentiment

Our analysts can tap into billions of online conversations across social channels, blogs, forums, reviews and news sites to measure if consumer attention towards topics and issues is proliferating. Using advanced AI-powered sentiment analysis, we can find the most relevant and impactful insights for your business.

The topic-focused scorecard is designed to be fast and affordable while providing valuable data points. To that point, we engineered this program to be delivered in one week with a very affordable fixed cost.

And if you decide later that you need to drill down deeper into the data factors to uncover howwhy and where the topic or issue is escalating? Metric Centric can propose a more detailed analysis program (e.g., the Brand Sentiment & Perception Analysis study) based on the KPI data summarized in the scorecard. All associated costs spent to produce the BPS would then be applied towards any follow-up analysis program and ongoing support.


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