Topic Focused Scorecard:
Virginia’s State Corporation Commission

The Challenge

The Commonwealth of Virginia’s Corporation Commission wanted to assess consumer interest toward home improvement initiatives — especially in regard to budgeting. The commission needed to evaluate results at the county level in order to effectively advise home-improvement businesses. The ultimate goal: Determining if residents in certain counties were more likely to consider home improvement projects over others.

Our Solution

We developed a Topic Focused Scorecard (TFS) which was engineered to gather conversational data across 20 targeted counties. This data was then summarized at the county level using four distinct key performance indicators: volume of mentions, reach amplification, positive sentiment and negative sentiment.

The Results

Our analysts tapped into thousands of online conversations across social channels, blogs, forums, reviews and news sites to measure consumer attention toward home improvement topics across Virginia. Using advanced AI-powered sentiment analysis tools, we uncovered relevant and impactful insights into which counties had more consumer interest for home improvement planning and budgeting support. Our scorecard report also listed specific home improvement topics that were most important to Virginia consumers.