Social Intelligence Scorecards (SIS):
Discovery Education

Discovery Education SIS Programs

The Challenge

Discovery Education (DE) wanted a simple method for benchmarking its brand against direct competitors related to science coursework educational tools. They needed a report card that could rank sentiment and perceptions towards their brand and their competitors to determine if there were variances across certain states. This would allow them to better tailor and target their marketing messaging and communications.

Our Solution

We developed a Social Intelligence Scorecard (SIS) program which allowed us to collect more than a year of conversational data related to Discovery Education, along with four competing educational tool alternatives. Using a simple scoring model, we benchmarked each brand’s data across five primary key performance indictors (KPIs): volume of mentions, reach amplification, positive sentiment, negative sentiment and overall reputation. We were also able to weight these KPIs to calculate a final score that ranked DE and the competitors against one another.

The Results

With more than 28,000 mentions across all the brands, we analyzed and revealed unfiltered feedback toward each organization. We were also able to illustrate all KPI results on a national level and then geotarget them to specific targeted states. Our analysis also ranked KPI results leading to Discovery Education’s recognition that they needed to improve their overall reach amplification. The SIS programs will be repeated periodically as Discovery Education continues to measure the progress of its ongoing marketing and communications initiatives.