Event Sentiment Scorecard: Adweek

The Challenge

Adweek is the premiere publisher covering the marketing and media industry. Every year in September, they produce the world-class event Brandweek, during which brand leaders can showcase marketing creativity and innovation. Adweek wanted to examine the interest and sentiment for Brandweek once the event concluded using conversational data analytics. This would enable them to gather feedback and essential insights faster than attendee surveys, allowing event organizers to prioritize important content and future topics more quickly.

Our Solution

Once the event concluded, we produced an Event Sentiment Scorecard (ESS) which analyzed all of the conversational data toward Brandweek leading up to the event, the actual days of the show, and finally in the week after the event concluded. The data summarized audience reactions using five distinct key performance indicators: volume of event mentions, reach amplification, positive sentiment, negative sentiment and overall event reputation. Our analysis also provided year-over-year comparisons to previous Brandweek events, allowing show organizers to benchmark and trend response rates and overall interests.

The Results

Our analysts uncovered more than 1,200 mentions about Brandweek across social channels, blogs, forums, reviews and news sites. Using advanced AI-powered sentiment analysis tools, we identified the sessions which audiences liked most and the influencers that impacted the overall sentiment toward the show. Our scorecard also listed several positive and negative topic themes that event producers can further examine to improve upon the show’s content. Most importantly, our ESS equipped Adweek sales teams with essential data and talking points to reassure event advertisers and sponsors that their investments were dollars well spent.

“Metric Centric delivers a unique level of service at an unbeatable value to help businesses explore their brand sentiment and perceptions across any marketplace.”

Jessica Sejeck 
SVP Audience Development and Marketing – ADWEEK