Consumer Voice (CV) Snapshot

Do you need a year’s worth of research done in two weeks? We’ve got the perfect program for you.

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Fast. Focused. Effective. That’s our Consumer Voice Snapshot. (And did we mention cost-effective? It’s that, too.)

Sometimes you need a quick, reliable way to check on a specific competitor or topic before you invest resources into a new product, brand or service. Designed as a quickly deployable research asset, the CV Snapshot provides an entry-level programmatic solution for your marketplace needs.

Whether you’re looking to benchmark against a direct competitor or you want to concentrate on a specific industry concern, this focused report is ideal for initial market research or advanced business development. Whether you plan to use it as a tool to gauge further research or just to spot check planned or ongoing campaigns, our CV Snapshot programs help you leverage audience sentiment and perception data to prep you for success.

Each Consumer Voice Snapshot includes:

  • Options to choose between a brand or topic format;
  • Flexibility to be customized to specific research needs;
  • Personalized analyst briefing on key findings and insights;
  • Economical pricing for businesses of all sizes to afford; and
  • A quick fifteen (15) day turnaround for delivery.

Want to see a sample CV Snapshot?