Brand Presence Scorecard:
Babson College

The Challenge

Babson College wanted to analyze marketplace perception toward its business school using social intelligence tools. But there was some concern that the conversational data would not adequately gauge overall consumer sentiment. In the face of a limited research budget, Babson College needed reliable analytics to determine their competitive presence.

Our Solution

We developed a Brand Presence Scorecard (BPS) program which allowed us to collect more than a year of conversational data related to Babson College’s business school, along with four competing business schools. Using a simple scoring model, we benchmarked each institution’s data across five primary key performance indictors: volume of mentions, reach amplification, positive sentiment, negative sentiment and overall reputation.

The Results

With more than 70,000 mentions of all the colleges, we analyzed and revealed unfiltered feedback toward each institution. Our analysis also ranked KPI results for each institution, leading to Babson College’s recognition that they needed to improve brand perceptions. The BPS will be repeated periodically as Babson College continues to measure the progress of its ongoing marketing and communications initiatives.