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Don’t just pay attention in class.

Pay attention to your class.

Recent research conducted by Ipsos showed that undergraduate enrollment was down 4 percent in 2023 versus the previous year, with a 22 percent drop in students going directly from high school to college.

The battle for universities to attract students is on.

At Metric Centric, we specialize in providing reliable and affordable social intelligence services that support marketing and communications initiatives. Our team has worked with several universities, colleges and higher learning institutions to keep a finger on the pulse of how students, alumni, faculty and staff, external stakeholders and international audiences perceive their schools.

Accelerated by the pandemic and a global increase in social media adoption, online communities and platforms for prospective students has compelled universities to embrace social intelligence to gain insights on attracting and retaining students.

Social listening enables colleges and universities to:

  • Track and improve brand health;
  • Discover key competitive insights; and
  • Provide critical input into strategic decisions.

As the pool of prospective students shrinks, competitive intelligence has become instrumental to college and university recruitment efforts. Social listening tools allow schools to track online conversations to see what students and faculty are saying about top competitors across any number of topics: admissions, scholarships, online learning and student life.

Today’s universities also use social listening to measure the effectiveness of their crisis communications and gather input on virtually any topic while guiding their decisions on pricing, product/academic launches and much more.

The competition for prospective students continues to heighten. Contact us today to learn more about how universities are uncovering key insights with social listening and conversational data analytics.

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