We Turn Digital Conversations Into Competitive Insights & Market Intelligence

Understand what marketplaces are saying about your brand and products – or industry issues and topics – using our advanced conversational data analytics and social listening programs and services.

Benefits of Our Services

Why do you need Metric Centric? Whether you’re B2B or B2C, an agency or an advocacy group, we’ve got you covered. Our solutions:

Help you understand audience sentiment and perceptions.
Uncover insights into what the marketplace loves and hates.
Turn complex conversational data into a roadmap to success.
Analyze and inform your consumer’s buyer’s journey.

The Metric Centric

Who says numbers are boring? Especially when these numbers tell you exactly how to succeed.
Our service uses advanced tools and manual research to scour the Internet, analyze our findings and give you the customized solutions you need to grow your business.

Who We Work With

Discovery Education SIS Programs
Origin Outsise
Pokemon GO Fest

What Our Clients Say

“Metric Centric delivers a unique level of service at an unbeatable value to help businesses explore their brand sentiment and perceptions across any marketplace.”

Jessica Sejeck 
SVP Audience Development and Marketing – ADWEEK

“Metric Centric helps us to understanding the marketplace sentiment and perceptions towards business sectors we target for investment by analyzing conversational data gathered from real consumers.”

Perry Miele
Chair & Managing Partner – Beringer Capital, LP

Metric Centric works as our trusted-partner to provide first-rate marketplace analytics and exceptional insights.

Brad Nierenberg
CEO – RedPeg Marketing

“Metric Centric’s conversational analytic programs listen to and monitor the needs of end users across any marketplace. The insights we gain enable us to better communicate with the manufacturing industry leaders across various market sectors we serve.”

Dan McCourt
Global Digital Marketing Leader – The Chemours Company

“It’s always great to work with a trusted partner who does whatever it takes to get the job done right. Metric Centric gets it!”

Eric Schlett
SVP & Executive Director – Clarion Media

“Metric Centric is a trusted-partner that provides intelligent insights on consumer sentiment and marketplace perception.”

Doug Grissom
Managing Partner – Madison Dearborn Partners 

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