Custom Marketplace Analysis:
Chemours ™

The Challenge

The Chemours Chemical Company wanted to understand how its products connect to high-end electronics and telecommunications industry needs. The team needed to determine how to position certain industrial chemicals across marketplaces in comparison to direct competitors in order to leapfrog competitors in the market.

Our Solution

We created three tailored CV Snapshots for the automotive, consumer electronics, and oil and gas market sectors. Each program provided date-specific brand benchmarking against director competitors within the sector. After analyzing thousands of results with Metric Centric’s proprietary approach and intelligence tools, our analysts uncovered audience and market insights. This allowed Chemours to better understand how and where to reach end users throughout the buying journey.

The Results

By analyzing the industrial chemical market sectors, Metric Centric found the online spaces where mentions of competitors were growing. These brand insights allowed for better marketplace positioning, including competitive placements at trade shows and an increased understanding of end-users’ overall needs. Our analysts provided a clear buyer’s journey with strategic content recommendations to engage end-users at their moment of interest. Continued monitoring enables the business to remain ahead of market shifts and make informed marketing decisions grounded in measurable data. The program has now expanded to additional product areas, as Metric Centric’s analysis has become a go-to-market strategy.

“Metric Centric’s conversational analytic programs listen to and monitor the needs of end users across any marketplace. The insights we gain enable us to better communicate with the manufacturing industry leaders across various market sectors we serve.”

Dan McCourt
Global Digital Marketing Leader, The Chemours™ Company