Influencer Discovery

Everybody’s talking on the Internet. Do you know who your audience is listening to?

In today’s political and business environments, influencers can have a profound impact. Your reputation is in the hands of customers, investors, journalists, policymakers and maybe a random elementary school kid with a YouTube channel. That’s why it’s critical that you identify and monitor influencers across your market sector to understand and steer the discussions that shape your brand’s perceptions.

Through the analysis of conversational data, you can gain detailed insights that will:

  • Determine who is influencing your target audience — and who is not;
  • Realize what makes your (or your competitor’s) brand influential;
  • Identify the specific issues and topics your audience discusses most to pinpoint messaging and
  • Understand influencer motivations and connections while gauging their sway over decision makers, stakeholders or the general public.

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