Topic Trend Analysis

If you’re a ship on the high seas of industry, consider us your radar.

Topic Trend Analysis is a natural language processing (NLP) methodology that extracts the signal from the noise of conversational data, homing in on trends and themes to help you understand if your business is set for smooth sailing. Our analysis can help you anticipate demand, predict opportunity and manage risks, so that you can adapt your products, services or messaging to move your business in the right direction.

Topic Trend Analysis can provide actionable, data-driven intelligence that will:

  • Forecast trending topics and industry issues that are vital to consumers and your business;
  • Gain an understanding of customer sentiment and perception towards your business, product or service;
  • Sharpen your marketing and communications strategy as you continue to serve your consumers;
  • Benchmark against direct competitors to uncover an ideal range of new business intelligence; and
  • Provide feedback on the efficacy of offerings to further guide product and service development and delivery.

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