Conversational Data Analytics:
Youngkin for Governor of Virginia

The Challenge

Businessman Glenn Youngkin was a first-time gubernatorial candidate running as a Republican in the State of Virginia. He did not have an established political presence nor much of a campaign platform. However, he did have a natural ability to communicate well to Virginian constituents on important statewide issues and concerns. Youngkin had to defeat six Republican candidates at the gubernatorial convention, and then confront an election challenge against Democrat and former-Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe.

Our Solution

Working alongside Glenn Youngkin’s marketing agency and communications team, Metric Centric developed a conversational data analytics program to measure and monitor the digital voice of Virginian-constituents. By engineering a social listening program that captured and analyzed public dialog on specific concerns across the State of Virginia, our team was able to compare audience perception and sentiment towards primary political topics and summarize data insights within each of the voting district regions in Virginia. These insights would enable Glenn Youngkin to pinpoint messaging into precise subtopics of interest across each voting district.

The Results

Our analysis targeted 11 voting districts across the State of Virginia and revealed unfiltered feedback towards critical issues regarding economy/jobs, healthcare, 2nd amendment rights, and schools/education. Also, the subject of election integrity became an important topic during the Governor’s race. Our insights prepared Glenn Youngkin with talking points on key issues specific to each voting district. This gave Glenn Youngkin a competitive advantage – and ultimately helped lead him towards winning the Governor’s seat.