Private Equity

Identify revenue, risks and market advantages without extending your timeline or exposure. How’s that for an elevator pitch?

When considering an investment, the checklist of pre-exclusivity tasks that all private equity groups address is cumbersome. This becomes more challenging when budgets for marketplace research and analytics are limited – yet some analysis is needed to decide whether the investment is worthy to progress towards LOI. Actionable business intelligence, grounded in marketplace data, is essential for identifying new revenue opportunities and flagging potential risks on the horizon. And what’s a leading indicator of financial performance? The Voice of the Consumer (VoC).

Metric Centric analysts can calibrate simple and affordable marketplace sentiment and perception analysis studies to support market-mapping and due diligence practices on potential investments. For existing portfolio holdings moving through Year One or other key evaluation periods, our programs are engineered to measure and monitor the marketplace trajectory of private equity portfolio investments.

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