Custom Marketplace Analysis (CMA)

Do you have unique business priorities that are specific to your organizational ambitions? We can tailor any report to your specifications.

Knowing where to start and what to focus on can be challenging when you are looking to identify new revenue or engagement opportunities. Begin your strategy development with our Custom Marketplace Analysis (CMA) to identify pain points, unknown opportunities, map the market, and other specific actionable analytics that are refined to meet your specific needs.

Using a combination of third-party listening tools and manual research, we can capture, aggregate and analyze existing online conversational data related to the client-defined parameters in order to formulate insights and monitor audience trends.
Repeated patterns in conversation and content topics are identified and combined with additional data points and supported research to formulate the insights and trends in this report. These insights inform what topics, content and people are influencing the industry and audience.

Metric Centric’s CMA can help you gain a holistic perspective at any point in your process and can be maximized through an ongoing engagement to measure against your initial benchmark.

Each Custom Marketplace Analysis and assessment includes:

  • Details outlining the tone, frequency, reach, and relevancy of opinions and commentary about your company or relevant topic(s).
  • Insights benchmarked directly to audience segments of your choosing.
  • Identification of specific channels and influencers most relevant to your industry and/or audience.
  • Forecast new opportunities or risks based on real customer data.
  • Personalized tactical recommendations to enable broader reach to new audiences, and advance existing relationships within target segments.

Want to see a sample CMA Report?