Bolster Your ABM With VOC


Engaging B2B customers effectively is a complex process. From addressing users differently based on their roles to maintaining proper knowledge of each account user to ensure communications are relevant and effective.

Without the right data infrastructure, it’s difficult to assign one user to a specific account or to determine which user in an account is the most active. Marketers and sales teams need to aggregate user behavior at the account-level in order to run effective campaigns.

When it comes to Account Based Marketing (ABM), the core strategy for marketing teams should revolve around advocacy. Voice-of-the-consumer (VOC) data gathered from consumer advocates and then analyzed for insights can reinforce a business’ ABM efforts.

Businesses today cannot thrive without understanding the power of authentic customers. Enterprises need to connect with customers that feel strongly about their brands and can become trusted sources as brand advocates.

Advocates persuade customers to buy products- and this word-of-mouth persuasion is an important part of the ABM funnel. One of the best aspects of ABM is that the advocate’s voice can serve every part of the buyer’s journey:

  • Advocates should be kept at the center of story-telling during the awareness stage to establish consumer engagement.
  • In order to consider buying a product, potential customers love to read reviews from advocates and influencers that they resonate with. Consumer and peer reviews are key to building consideration.
  • Prospects conduct regular conversations with advocates to find common interests. They connect through blogs, forums, and other web channels to identify alternative competing products and services. Since customers are always looking for a brand’s closest competitor, these web channels become networks for purchasing decisions to occur.
  • Advocates can speak volumes about certain products that they have bought. These testimonials showcase their satisfaction and lead audiences with similar interests to buy.

A successful VOC data analysis program will provide you with critical customer engagement insights. These insights are vital to comprehending sentiment and perception of advocates and the general audience at large. These insights when put into action can fortify any ABM process and add fuel to the buyer’s journey. VOC is that game-changer needed to bolster the ROI for an ABM program.

 George Assimakopoulos is the Founder and Principal Manager of Metric Centric, an advisory practice that helps businesses and organizations to better understand the marketplace through the analysis of key market intelligence. He is a successful serial entrepreneur who is passionate about content marketing, lead generation, and leveraging data for business growth.