Did The Depp vs. Heard Trial Lawyers Miss Critical Data Points?


How did the social media forensic experts “quantify” online commentary towards both actors in the Johnny Depp vs. Amber Heard defamation trial? Based on testimony, a simple Boolean data query was used that did NOT factor in user shares and mention interactions in their evaluation.

Part of a social media forensic expert’s job is to do a full volume analysis. You also need to have a scoring system that makes sense of all the collected data – including how that conversational dialogue gets amplified – and then present a full, unbiased perspective.

Imagine your business just released a product and everyone is talking about it on social media. You now have thousands of posts, mentions, and tweets, but is this chatter positive or negative?

Social media sentiment is the attitude and feelings audiences have about your brand across the web. A simple tally of your brand mentions only tells you how many people are talking about you online. Investigating who is influencing the dialogue and where the amplification is occurring is equally as important. Otherwise, how else would you know if certain mentions have or had the likelihood to prosper positivity – or fester negativity?

The five baseline conversational data metrics needed to evaluate the brand presence of any business (or, in this case, actors who are themselves brands) are:

  • Volume of Mentions
  • Reach Amplification (the social media forensic experts missed this one)
  • Positive Sentiment
  • Negative Sentiment
  • Overall Reputation Score (ORS)

You can then weight these five metrics to create an average overall score to further benchmark your brand against others. That’s how we build our Brand Presence Scorecards (BPS) at METRIC CENTRIC.

Whether you like it or not, people are talking about you, your business, and your products online. You want to be sure you are on top of ALL conversations so that you can accurately listen, respond, and further engage your audience.

If you discover that your brand is lagging — or just off path a bit — let’s connect to discuss how our social listening and conversational analytic programs can help.