Metric Centric Sets New Performance Standard with Audience Impact Score

Originally published in Sustainable Brands on November 28, 2017


Data-rich snapshot provides private equity held companies with actionable market intelligence

Metric Centric, an advisory practice for private equity firms seeking to leverage market intelligence for their portfolio companies announced today the creation of the Audience Impact Score (AIS). This new standard offers a combined view of market sentiment and perception towards a business, product, or service.

This data-rich standard creates a new measure that provides the ability for ongoing monitoring of audience perception across any competitive landscape, B2B, or B2C.

The Audience Impact Score Report enables firms to understand a company’s market position in a single snapshot. The report draws on multiple data points to determine how a company is perceived in the marketplace— benchmarked directly against competitors.

“The Audience Impact Score can tell a firm at a glance if a company is leading, lagging, or missing the market for their customers,” said George Assimakopoulos, Metric Centric Founder and Managing Partner. “Who wouldn’t want to know that? This is actionable market intelligence accessible at the due diligence stage.”

Designed as a tool that can be completed within a few short weeks, the AIS propriety approach includes a brand presence analysis, competitive analysis, and regional marketplace analysis. This includes a weighted analysis that considers Message Influence Score data, Source Influence Score data, and Net Promoter Score data as a baseline.

Recognizing that the digital voice of the customer (VOC) has been significantly under leveraged by private equity firms, Metric Centric’s proprietary offerings enable investors to track ongoing performance on a quarterly basis by making market intelligence data accessible, actionable, and trackable.

About Metric Centric

Metric Centric has developed a simple 4-step process to identify who the best customer is, how to positively influence them, and if any unique competitors exist in the marketplace. Our scorecard analytics extract quantifiable insights from end-user audience perception and sentiment data. We give portfolio managers in-depth assessments of business implications along with our recommendations. You will attain a clear understanding of the strategic choices before you, and the most probable outcomes associated with each course of action.

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