We are analysts of consumer attention.

Everyday consumers leave millions of breadcrumbs scattered across the web detailing their experiences, viewpoints, and personal perspectives on every topic imaginable. Considered “alternative data” it is vast, exponentially expanding, and often overlooked or underutilized.

This is the Metric Centric advantage.

We leverage the best tools and latest technologies to aggregate consumer sentiment and perception data. We overlay demographic profiling tools and our highly-trained analysts personally review the findings for relevancy, anomalies, and insights.

Metric Centric’s proprietary approach distills the findings into a set of custom scorecards that provide at-a-glance actionable business intelligence. Each Metric Centric client receives analysis and reporting that is custom calibrated to meet specific needs and interests.

Applicable across B2C, B2B, B2G configurations, Metric Centric insights enable businesses to anticipate marketplace opportunities, proactively manage risks, benchmark directly against the competition, and to quantitatively measure consumer sentiment and attention.

What we offer

Understanding the voice-of-the-consumer (VOC) is about having the right data, not just more data. Metric Centric clients demand metrics that matter, benchmarked against competitors and organized in a way that is easy to understand and apply.

We currently provide three tailored report offerings to meet our clients’ needs:

Each report focuses on analyzing consumer sentiment and attention through a weighted analysis that is specific to your organization’s needs. How you consume data and how you want to apply the findings can impact what report best meets your current needs.

Before you send another survey, hold another focus group or fire up the call center, consider identifying what your audience and competitors are already telling you. How can you know what to ask without the right information? How can you find an unexpected pain point if you aren’t looking?

1. Search

Create a digital research platform that crawls the entire open web.

—— Combine that information with industry research & audience data.

2. Sort

Analysts filter massive amounts of data to pull out the key insights.

—— Sentiment, comments, issues, problems, & ideas “heard” must be reviewed for contextual meaning.

4. Spark

Generate branding, messaging & outreach recommendations.

—— Identify competitive advantages & improve marketplace positioning.

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