The Opportunity

Many private equity partners wonder how well their portfolio companies’ strategies translate into the type of experiences that their customers expect. Without a valid answer, it is likely that they are allocating people and technologies inefficiently and not fully realizing their investment. This knowledge is found beyond the balance sheet.

Despite investing heavily in customer research, most organizations find themselves using the wrong metrics, obtaining useless insights, and questioning the value of their research investment altogether. As a result, their products and services don’t meet customer expectations.This applies across B2B, B2C, and B2G companies.

Private equity needs to understand the consumer’s perception, sentiment and their experience in the marketplace. This will:

  • Spotlight perception, sentiment and public opinion problems
  • Deliver a measurable view of the profile of an ideal customer
  • Sharpen the strategy as due diligence is conducted
  • Provide reasoning as to why customers buy – and why they don’t
  • Offer indicators for optimal timing to monetize on a portfolio company

Our Services

Metric Centric has created a breakthrough method that combines traditional and new market data to tell a measurable story of a business in the marketplace it serves. Our goal is to improve the position of private equity portfolio holdings and increase value. Metric Centric reports can be delivered in weeks, not months enabling PE firms to add this valuable market intelligence to their due diligence process with ease. Each Audience Impact Score Report and Market Assessment Report contains:

  • Executive Summary
  • Scorecard Dashboard
  • Customer-Centric Success Benchmarks
  • Background Data Summary
  • Key Influencer Identities
  • Tactical Improvement Programs

Audience Impact Score Report

We enable you to understand a company’s market position in a single snapshot. Our proprietary AIS report draws on multiple data points to determine how a company is perceived in the marketplace— benchmarked directly against competitors. We  provide high level key findings related to brand presence, marketplace influences along with a  profile of the primary audience.

Marketplace Assessment Report

We identify all customer touch-points and  performance standards. We benchmark the  competition, review customers’ feedback, and  analyze perception and sentiment effectiveness  from voice-of-the-customer (VOC) commentary.  The resulting substantive market intelligence study  can work as a key ingredient of your due-diligence  mix when it’s time to determine strategic buys or  optimum times to sell.

Additional Reports

In response to our clients’ needs we have developed additional metric analysis reports that can be added to our research efforts. Examples include Customer Velocity, Purchase Propensity, Social Responsibility, Corporate Responsibility, among others.

Quarterly Monitoring

We offer ongoing reporting for clients who desire  to measure, adjust, and respond to market opportunities. These reports can be customized to benchmark and track the exact market variables that matter to your company.