The Opportunity

Today’s market is highly competitive, and it is harder than ever to acquire and keep customers. That’s why companies must deliver exactly what their customers want and need. However, and despite investing heavily in customer research, most organizations find themselves using the wrong metrics, obtaining useless insights, and questioning the value of their research investment altogether. As a result, their products and services don’t meet customer expectations.

Many private equity firm leaders wonder how well their portfolio companies’ strategies translate into the type of experiences that their customers expect. Without a valid answer, it is likely that they are allocating people and technologies inefficiently and not fully realizing their investment.

Marketers need to understand the entire buyer’s journey. They must segment their audiences to uncover people’s motivations and how they buy. Only then can a brand effectively design messages and tactics to improve its relationship with the customer.

The Solution

The Metric Centric Market Assessment is a comprehensive review of the effectiveness of your portfolio company’s customer engagement strategy based on your voice-of-the-customer (VOC) score. We determine how customers perceive your portfolio company across multiple engagement Success Benchmark, and then create a market gap scorecard. That’s how we can recommend tactics for improving your lead generation and customer acquisition — tactics that will help your portfolio company leapfrog the competition.