Audience Impact Score (AIS)

We distill the avalanche of alternative consumer data into a single number: the Audience Impact Score (AIS). Metric Centric’s proprietary scorecard quantifies consumer attention by providing a weighted analysis of six well-recognized marketplace assessment metrics.

An AIS score shows clearly where your organization is in the marketplace compared to direct competitors. This number can be tracked over time, dissected in detail, and the analysis refined. Each AIS report is completed by Metric Centric analysts to ensure the weighted analysis is flexible enough to meet your specific needs.

Marketplace information is brought into sharp focus when a side-by-side comparison of a single number is presented to a company’s leadership, finance, or marketing teams. Audience perception and sentiment analysis data is most relevant when it is benchmarked and compared across competitors and time.

Audience Perception & Sentiment Analysis

Metric Centric’s AIS report includes an individualized weighted breakdown of the six established marketplace metrics:

  • Brand Presence Analysis – brand awareness and amplification measured through mentions, reach, and share-of-voice.
  • Message Influence Score (MIS) – Measure the value of the message sent out to audiences based on their response.
  • Source Influence Score (SIS) – Measures the value and trust of a message source; identifies channels where the brand message is best received.
  • Net Promoter Score (NPS) – Measurement of loyalty and willingness to refer business to a friend; segments audience data into three categories: Promoters, Passives, and Detractors.
  • Overall Satisfaction (OSAT) – Primary metric to gauge a customer’s overall satisfaction with a company, business, or organization.
  • Quality of Product/Service (QPS) – Measures the consumer’s sentiment towards a particular company’s business product or service.


Want to learn how the AIS Report can enable your business to better understand the marketplace? Contact us today and one of our analysts will respond to discuss your needs.

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