Customer Voice (CV) Snapshot

Focused. Fast. Effective. Trusted. Sometimes you need a quick, reliable way to check on a specific competitor or topic before you invest resources into a new product, brand, or service. Metric Centric developed its proprietary Customer Voice (CV) Snapshot specifically to meet this demand at a cost-effective price point.

Audience Perception & Sentiment Research

Gain a quick understanding of audience sentiment and perception for customers, industries, or topic areas through Metric Centric’s CV Snapshot.

Benchmarked against a direct competitor or concentrated on a specific topic, this focused report is ideal for a range of organizational needs from business development intelligence to initial market benchmarking.

Attentive to gauging visibility and impact, businesses can leverage the carefully vetted audience sentiment and perception data in a Metric Centric CV Snapshot to prove the need for more in-depth research or as a cost-effective spot check on planned or ongoing campaigns.

Designed as a quickly deployable research asset, the Metric Centric CV Snapshot provides an entry-level programmatic solution for marketplace assessment research needs.

Each Customer Voice Snapshot includes:

  • Options to choose between a brand or topic format
  • Insights on one direct competitor or up to 10 sub-topics
  • Limited to a maximum 90-day look back period
  • Personalized briefing on finds and insights
  • Quick one-week turnaround


Want to learn how the CV Snapshot can enable your business to better understand the marketplace? Contact us today and one of our analysts will respond to discuss your needs.

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