BLLA Partners with Metric Centric to create Consumer Voice (CV) Research

Originally published in Sustainable Brands on September 28, 2020

Boutique Hotels Perception Analysis Reveals Consumers Deeply Favor Boutique Hotels

September 17, 2020 – Los Angeles – BLLA partnered with research firm Metric Centric to create the most up-to-date consumer confidence report for the boutique hospitality sector. With the growing popularity of boutique hotels since the beginning of the coronavirus, it is expected that reviews will also increase while there is still some confusion over what constitutes a boutique hotel the report reveals.

Overall, travelers favorably discussed boutique hotels. Some of the common themes across conversational mentions focused around size, cost, customer service and amenities at boutique hotels. Topic trend analysis noted that general online commentary around boutique hotels was higher prior to the coronavirus outbreak, but the reach continues to grow due to positive media coverage of specific hotels and programs.

Because business travel declined due to COVID 19, most of the travel related dialog in the survey was focused on safety, recreation, and leisure. There is clearly an opportunity for boutique hotel owners to capitalize on this growing exposure to tourists once travel restrictions lift and business travel resumes.

Top Trend Analysis, Perception Trend Analysis, Brand Amplification were areas covered by the report. Overall, the report had over 118,000 mentions with 40,164 unique authors and a reach of 5,912 people per mention. There were over 700 million impressions during the data lookback period. Noteworthy was the Perception Analysis snapshot with 23% positive perception and only 5% negative while 72% had a neutral perception. The top source of the demographic used for this report is News at 51,889 and following were Reviews from Twitter, forums and Tumblr while 46% were female and 54% were male.

BLLA embarked on this project to clarify the progress of this special hospitality segment as well as to clear up the confusion on what a boutique hotel is. The categories of boutique outlined on the site, layout 14 different categories. The role of the organization is to assist not only consumers, but also the industry to try to understand the nuances of the ‘boutique lifestyle.’

Conference attendees will receive a complimentary copy of the research at the conclusion of the Boutique Lifestyle Digital Summit on September 18th.


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