Know what your audience values and needs to improve engagement.

Uncover the topics, motivations, and interests that will hold people’s attention.

Organization Marketplace Assessment & Research

Understand your organization’s why. From membership to fundraising, enrollment to grassroot engagement, nonprofit to higher education, know why people choose your organization, what they value and want from you. Conversations are happening across the web about the sectors, topics, professional needs that impact your work and presence in the marketplace. It is more than chatter, it is actionable business intelligence that can be quantified to benchmark program performance, evaluate message penetration, flag market risks, or refine educational offerings.

Benchmark your organization against direct competitors to ensure your resources are best aligned to increase market penetration and audience reach. Metric Centric analysts tailor the customer sentiment and perception analysis to meet your specific needs and priorities.

By calibrating your thinking with quantitative customer data your organization will be better positioned to execute future survey work, allocate financial and staff resources, and drive behavioral change with your audiences.

Case Studies

A challenge for any business school is to differentiate itself from other competing programs. Metric Centric provides valuable performance-metrics and insights into our marketplace position versus other business schools in the region.

John Delaney, Dean, Kogod Business School @ American University

A national authority in cancer awareness and research focused on education and fundraising wanted to understand what channels were best for educating and engaging target audiences. Specifically, the organization wanted to know how to help educate primary influencers and the best ways to get messages out about new, relevant information specific to cancer awareness and treatment. In addition, the organization wanted to understand how to increase the volume of affinity groups or people who would be interested in team development for sponsorship of charitable events.

metric centric solution

Metric Centric developed an eListening analysis that evaluated a 12-month period across national and regional targets to review feedback on events from the past year. In parallel, the analyst team reviewed how people searched for information on specific types of cancer. This was significant because content preferences varied based on audience segment, e.g. patients, survivors, healthcare providers, caregivers.


By creating a detailed marketplace map of where people source information and who key influencers are the Metric Centric team identified a pattern in how people search and what information they are consuming. The form of cancer significantly impacted people’s behavior with those researching sensitive forms, e.g. testicular cancer, exhibiting completely different choices and channels than those with other types. These findings were then layered with the type, the timing and the location of information. This enabled the organization to create a practical content strategy for their targeted audiences. The strategy reflected the knowledge of what, when, and where specific content would be of most value to people.

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